Winegrowers in the Basque Country

We are vineyard owners

Since 1996 Doniene Gorrondona has been working our vineyards and making txakoli, the wine that has always been produced in Basque farmhouses.

The project arises from a study to revitalize the Bakio area as a historical wine reference. The natural attraction of the valley and the potential we sensed drove us to recover the abandoned vineyards. With the purchase of the Gorrondona farmhouse and the planting of new vineyards, we turned our dream into a life project.

Itziar, Egoitz and Julen, owners of Doniene Gorrondona. Pioneers of the D.O. Bizkaiko Txakolina in giving a total twist to the wines of the area.

The Hondarrabi R&D&I project begins to show its first results

Since its foundation, we have been committed to the creation of a sustainable project with total respect for the environment. The more respectful we are with nature, the higher quality it will offer us in its products (in our case grapes).

The work dynamics are governed by these parameters; we have adopted a series of measures such as the use of cork from certified sustainable farms, the recovery of 15% of cardboard packaging and the selection of barrels from cooperages with forest sustainability certificates.

In 2011 we started a project to create our own aroma bank based on the ecology of our vineyards. We have identified part of the great microbiological richness that exists in each of our vineyards, focusing on those yeasts that ferment the musts conferring the maximum expression of the terroir from which they originate.

Visit the winery

Based on the txakolinera tradition of tasting in the winery itself, we have developed a wine tourism program where visitors can learn about our vineyards, the winemaking process and taste our wines and distillates.

You can visit us throughout the year and get to know us better.




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