Vineyards and winery

Doniene Gorrondona marks the culmination of the transformation of a traditional farmhouse into an authentic winery of excellence.

Located in an emblematic building erected before 1852, there is reliable documentation attesting to the early production of txakoli in these facilities. Although in the beginning the wines were destined for family consumption, this dynamic changed in the middle of the 20th century.

In 1994, coinciding with the establishment of the Bizkaiko Txakolina  Denomination of Origin, our team took the reins of this centenary tradition.

Our work

Our work in canopy management is done from an integral and environmentally sustainable  point of view.

Each plot is managed, harvested (with moderated yield) and vinified separetaly.

Subsequently, we carry out the vinification of each plot separately, thus ensuring the maximum expression of its unique qualities.

Various soils

We have remarkably diverse soils, giving each plot a unique identity.

At our facilities, we emphasize the importance of terroir, embracing soil, variety and microbiota as primary elements.

We conceive winemaking as a minimal intervention aimed at enhancing the authenticity of the terroir, allowing its essence to be fully expressed.